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Thread: Vehicle modifications

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    Quote Originally Posted by Handsome Wheeler View Post
    Voc Rehab will buy the equipment for you if you need it to remain employed.
    MAYBE. In my state, they will not do this unless you can prove you cannot take paratransit or an accessible bus to your school or job (even if it would take you longer than to drive). With CA in such a fiscal crisis, I bet they are rarely approving this right now.


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    Wolfeman, how do you attach the wheelchair to the lift with just a carabiner? Did you have trouble finding the center of gravity using only a carabiner? I'd be interested in seeing any pictures of the attachment.
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    well i myself have a 2000 toyota tacoma and wouldnt trade it for anything. r shoulders r going to have problems anyway so dont get a car!!!! just get the lift for the bed of the truck and you will be plenty happy just work out alot and your shoulders wont have any problems.

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    I dont have tons of $ but I hope to post a pic of a set of Monarch IV style hand controls in my 77 chevy van which shares similar or same parts as their full size truck cousins
    My Drivers seat is a swin around captains chair ....I'll try posting a pic of the Thing I installed on this vehicle for myself... ok ?
    Best luck
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    Here is a van I converted on my own and still modifying it ...
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    This vehiclewill be getting a pretty up makeover the body is straight and the mileage is low so for a tall lady like me I am 6'1 or so this is practical
    Doing modifications to trucks / vans are fun and endless ...
    I like Bruno lifts poss gonna add one on this vehicle soon
    I am poor so I do most all my work myself it helps me in excercise doing things on my own ...
    This old Van looks like heck but it is a good vehicle for me I also have a antique truck much much older than this vehicle so my point is different strokes for different folks ...
    Main thing is $ and patience etc...

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    Here's another vote for keeping the Tacoma you have for a while. That is if it's in good shape and you like it.

    I had a '93 Dodge Dakota at the time of my accident, and we just put hand controls in it and an older version of Wolfman's Bruno lift in the bed.

    A few years ago, as the truck aged and the mileage crept upward, I then looked for a lower vehicle that I could put my chair in out of the weather. Bought a Chevy S-10 Extreme with an extended cab for the chair. The only modification is installing the hand controls.

    What I'm saying is to not worry TOO much about the shoulders, if it's not an undue struggle, then look for a kinder vehicle for your next purchase. No car/truck lasts forever.

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    I own two trucks. One, an '03 Tundra limited. 2nd a '77 IH Scout II. I'm C6-7. The hand controls are easy, it's your in/out process that's a potential challenge. if you're strong, shoulder issues shouldn't be an issue although cab space in the Toyota might be. Foreign trucks tend to have smaller cabs so in/out can be a little tight when swinging your legs in. You can also find a Turney seat-lift from Bottom line, if you want to drive a truck then go for it!

    Good luck

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    ..couple of photos..Scout - Blue, Tundra - Red

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    Quote Originally Posted by WolfeMan View Post
    No, Insurance considers it a convenience, not a necessity.
    That's so ridiculous. For someone that can't use their legs but need to drive and has a truck, it seems like a necessity to me. Cheap skates...

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