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Thread: Vehicle modifications

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    I have an '86 GMC full size 4X4 pickup that I got one year after my injury (T-10). The years of climbing in and out of it have taken a toll on my shoulders and arm joints. Do your self a favor and install a lift or get something low to the ground.

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    Warchi, go to ebay and get the monarch IV controls. They may not have the exact set up for your truck, but easy to adapt. I've got them in my previa and works great.

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    Thanks, Wolfeman! I've got a transfer seat that's been broken for about five years, but the guy who installed it went out of business and I didn't know who made it, so I could never get a replacement. The pictures you showed looked familiar, so I went to the website and found that mine's an Easy-Transfer! I'll finally be able to get a replacement!

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    Quote Originally Posted by funklab View Post
    OMFG ever feel like you get constantly boned as a crip. Thats more than I paid for my car.
    Oh yeah, it's ridiulous isn't it! Especially once you see how actually simple the set up it. The way they get you is the Glide N Go is 'Custom Made', that right there adds several thousands of dollars!

    But, getting 'boned' aside it was worth every penny and when it's time to get a new truck I will get another set up just like this if I can afford it.
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    Hi I like monarch IV Hand controls but there is very affordable ones lightweight hand controls on E bay since you already have the truck Heres a suggestion ...

    Try lowering it I lowered my 49 merc that way cut the coil springs and had airbags installed it dropped my old hotrod 5 inches made transfers easier Just a idea ....
    you'll need to have a alighnment after chopping springs / and dropping the vehicle Caster / camber
    I am probably going to do this to my 77 chevy full size Goodtimes old custom van ... I like big vehicles
    I used to cut springs all the time and it helped .

    The lightweight portable handcontrols I seen on E Bay I forget the company name but they were kool and very lightweight ./ portable

    Freedom to go and other places like that on the web offer vehicle modifications .

    Good Luck
    Sincerely ;

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    So that brings me to the next question of what are the best and most liked hand controls out there?

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    does thatseat work on single cab trucks
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    I've got the same rig as WolfeMan with hand controls by GuidoSimplex on my Toyota Tundra and it works great. Takes a while to get the chair in and lifted up to the seat (several minutes), but I think it all works well. The one thing I don't really like about the glide 'n go is the grease. When the arm is lowered down, there is the potential of getting grease on your clothes and also your seatbelts if you're not careful. I found out the hard way. Mine did not come with a cover like the one in WolfeMan's pics.

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    Voc Rehab will buy the equipment for you if you need it to remain employed.

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