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Thread: New arrival is here!!!

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    Congratulations to you & your wife on the arrival of your beautiful baby boy!. Don't spoil him to much now Dad !! hehehehe LOL!! Have a great time with him as he grows up in the many years to come & before your very eyes he grows up to be an adult !

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    Quote Originally Posted by LooseCannon View Post
    I just wanted to share that my wife gave birth to a health 8 lb 3 oz baby boy Sat @ 2:30 am. His two older brothers (4 and 2) welcomed him home Sun afternoon.

    Here's a pic of Wesly Scott "Scotty"

    oh, he is so pretty, lovely. Congratulation!

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    That is a very cute baby! Congrats again!
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    Hey, just think of it, two more and you've got a basketball team. Get to it man..... Really good lookin family, cute boys.

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    Congrats bro!!!

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