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Thread: New arrival is here!!!

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    New arrival is here!!!

    I just wanted to share that my wife gave birth to a health 8 lb 3 oz baby boy Sat @ 2:30 am. His two older brothers (4 and 2) welcomed him home Sun afternoon.

    Here's a pic of Wesly Scott "Scotty"

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    so very happy 4 U!!!!!!!!!!
    Yummy porkchop.

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    At my daughter's birthday? Congratulations, he is a beautiful baby
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    Congrats LooseCannon - Scotty looks healthy, and he's got a nice head of hair for a newborn. Good stuff
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    Congrats on Scotty
    Be yourself!!!
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    Just too cute and cuddly !!! Congradulations !!

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    He's beautiful! Congrats!!

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