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Thread: discontinued ditropan xl?

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    discontinued ditropan xl?

    apparently my pharmacy is telling me they are no longer making ditropan xl and that i should either try the generic or another med. i take ditropan xl and detrol la. i've read articles referring to the memory side effects of the generic ditropan xl. this is a horrible time for this to happen because of school. what if the generic messes with my memory or has me leaking? what if i have to try a new drug all together? and we all know how long it takes to make sure it works right.

    anyone else have this problem or heard that ditropan xl isn't being produced anymore?
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    i used to take ditropan xl, first 10ml a day then 20ml and i was all way leaking, didnt matter if i just went or not. Plus it was expensive, $155 for month supply, so i switched to generic oxybunin chloride, its $10 for month supply same side effects but works great for me, 3 times 10ml daily, no leaks at all, ironicly it makes you thirsty. good luck
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    I have heard nothing about a recall or discontinuation of Ditropan XL, and we use it quite a bit. I am checking with our pharmacist on this and will get back to you.


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