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Thread: Hunker Downs

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    Hunker Downs

    I am unemployed, arrested, beat, kicked then tased by police six times. Jail for seven days, had to share a wheelchair, until they brought mine three days later. Craped my pants from the tasing, four hours in crap, no wheelchair, inmate worker helped me to bath, door locked no one to inter to help - had to crawl to tub to the door toliet them in in jail.Jail flooded with crap flooded for two days after, just mop for three cell not clean Now my back is hurting all the time and I forget things (like how to get to the unenployment office, close the door, etc, Can not find work. This happened in June no date court date set. can not find a job. I can not stay up for thee hours without blowing a condom. Jail hospital flooded for two day - no way to use he bathroom so I did not eat just sipped milk. Ask fo a condon but no leg bag ask for vasaline no bowel pad. gave me meds I did not no what the were. two free times. My back hurt more than ever but doc said go to othoerpedic?
    Blood pressuer 169 over 69 steady Taking 20mg lisinpril valium 40 mg per day.Not working. I have a tape of them beating and tasing me because my wife records me when I get angry. I feel like I am being set up. My boss layed me off for lack of work but what can I do for condoms and bags in the time i wait for the gov? Should i go to jail or what? I am angry becaus IA has had over 30 days abd I am going to be without leg bags and condoms. I even tried the suicide hotline and hey sent the cops and meds and released that night, then sent me a 2,500 bill WTF = is this the new health care?

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    No, this is the old health care. You just managed to cover yourself w/ that job in the past.

    I'm really sorry. Still don't know what happened tho...

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    Some cath companies will cover you for a month until you have coverage. They give you a backpack full of what you need.

    Call Shepherd Foundation and see if they can assist during this crisis period.
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    Hope things get better for you soon Hunker.That's aload of crap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hunker View Post
    , I have a tape of them beating and tasing me because my wife records me when I get angry.
    Sounds like maybe you should seek some anger management classes, and it is very hard for us to feel sorry for you when we have never really heard the whole story. I do wish you the best.
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    Check for "free foundations" & rehabs in your area.Maybe get w/ Voc.Rehab?Get your dr. & or supplier to help you get free/sample caths & bags?Go to the Health Dept,I think anyone can qualify for help there.There has to be a way.Good luck.

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    I have some extra caths and bags I can send you if you really need them. Just send me a private PM with your addess and I will send you some.

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    Try that Urodry companys website. They are the condom catheters I use and they are the best. They come with a velcro strap to keep them on but I use their new double sided silicone strips that keep them on way better. They always give new customers a few to try out for free and may even give you a few silicone strips for free. The condom catheters have thier own built in reservoir that holds up to 600cc and they are latex so you can wash them with soap and water and reuse them (up to 15 days). I use 2 a month and alternate them eevry other day while the other one dries. The free samples could hold you over for a month and if you really like them and get back on your feet, they may be a permanent solution to your condom catheter problems. If you would like to try their leg bags as well they may give you a free one or two to try out too. Besides their catheters holding up to 600cc, they have a tube and a clip on the end for emptying it or attaching it to a leg or bed bag. Hang in there dude, i'm sure things will get better for you

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    Thanks all just having a bad day yesterday. Had my x wife get on my nerves so I hit the bottle. I took anger management cost 25.00 plus driving in crazy traffic. your ticked off by the time u get there.

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