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Thread: Shower advice for me: incomplete C5, Asia D

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    Shower advice for me: incomplete C5, Asia D

    My biceps, deltoids, and shoulder rotator cuffs do not function at all, and I cannot raise my arms, making bathing above the waist very difficult for me. We have a double-headed shower and usually my husband and I take a shower together, but I would like to become more independent. Recently I tried a big jacuzzi bathtub in a hotel, hoping that I would be able to bathe myself, but the tub was not deep enough.

    Our shower is aging fiberglass and needs to be replaced. I do not think we could put in a very deep tub without access becoming a problem. We are thinking of having a shower custom built with ledges so that I could support my arms on the ledges and thus bathe the upper part of my body. The ledges would be similar to the ones often built for shampoo storage or the like, but wider. I have experimented with having my arms on a table and I can reach all the needed areas if my arms are supported. Bathing below the waist is not a problem. I have no problem with walking or standing. I do not need a shower seat.

    I have looked at some of the shower pictures and designs on this forum. Although they look ideal for someone who has problems standing or walking, they do not seem ideal for someone with arm issues.

    Does anyone have any specific ideas that would help?

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    Have you looked into the 'walk in showers'? They work great for my Aunt. She can walk in, either bathe or shower, is safe & with the ledge, it should be what you're looking for.

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    We done a 5x5 tile roll in shower with a vertical spa. The vertical spa has 4 different jets that turn on and spray in seperate areas as well as the hand held and the overhead shower head. Not sure if that would be of help to you.

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