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Thread: Adequate Cushion

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    Good point Lynne, I forgot to mention the weight of the Jay cushions; I have thought about the Veralite cushions and was close to trying it instead of the Stimulite. The nice thing about having both foam and air is if you have an air leak you have the foam to get you by til you can get off it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trinity View Post
    I have never had a problem with leaking gel from my Jay2 but I have to be careful not to let my cat on the chair when it's on as she claws and I'm terrified she'll puncture it!
    I don't recall getting any punctures either.
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    As I had to decide fast, I chose Jay 2. Let´s see. I come back here to tell my impressions as soon as it gets here. thank you all that helped with indication.

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    A good cushion, but a little heavy for my taste.

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    Has anyone used a

    I have been tempted to try one?

    I rotate back and forth between my Otto Bach Cloud cushion or high profile roho

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    For all those who helped, despite heavyness, I´m doing great with my Jay 2. Thank you all.

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