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Are there percentages of recovery from spinal cord shock? In other words, do ___% of kids that suffer from spinal cord shock as a result of spinal cord concussion return to normal? We believe that our youngster (14) has no broken bones and that the spinal cord was not damaged but 6 days out he does not have use of his legs.
Football coach,

Your youngster is likely to have spinal cord injury. Temporary paralysis from concussion of the spinal cord typically recovers in a few minutes, rarely more than a hour or two. Anything longer is indicative of spinal cord injury. If he has any function below the injury site, particularly if he has anal sensation and or voluntary anal sphincter contraction, this suggests that he has a good chance of recovering walking. About 30% of people who have sensory preservations below the injury site will recover walking over a period of many months. Over 90% of people who have sensory and motor preservation below the injury site will recover walking over a year or more.

I am not sure what you mean by "use of the legs". Is he able to move the legs, even slightly? If so, the likelihood of recovery is good. In any case, it sounds like a significant spinal cord injury. He will require rehabilitation and a lot of hard work to recover as much as he can. It is important that the impact of his injury on his education be minimized as much as possible. He needs to go back to school as soon as possible.