For about a year I have had terrible pain in my right side along with gas. My side makes weird gassy noises and my bowel program has changed. Takes longer and never quite feels right. He are some facts:

1. Had my gallbladder removed in 2004
2. Apendix in 1991
3. C5 Quad since 1998
5. Had a colonoscopy and upper GI checked, came out squeaky clean.
6. Pain radiates from my side to my heel.
7. Bloodwork good
8. No fevers, no illnesses and surprisingly no cold sores
9. Don't smoke or drink.
10. I eat decent, rarely any fast food..

Currently trying Bile salts to replace Gallblader duties, but this does not seem to be helping yet.

Any other ideas before I schedule an MRI / CATSCAN??