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Thread: Looking for a dermatome map

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    Looking for a dermatome map

    Can anyone post or send me to a lumbar dermatome map? Google brings me to ones with too little contrast for me to read. It's only been two months since my epidural and already the pain is back, when they used to last me four or five months. I just want to make sure the pain corresponds to the level of my disc bulge (only a bulge), since it hurts even more than my previous herniations and annular tears. I forget if the bulge was 4-5 or 5-1, but remember he shot me at 3-4 so the steroid would travel down.. I don't remember that well where the pain was in the hospital, other than saying it was down my thigh but mostly into my foot. Now my foot hurts some again, outer ankle and outside foot, but it's really worst at about 4:00-5:00 right below my femur/pelvis joint, if you were looking down on my right thigh from a bisected top, 12:00 being the front of my thigh. Do those two places correspond to the same dermatome, or could a bulge hit two dermatomes?

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    Here you go...


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