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Thread: intermittent cath vs foley/supra pubric cath?

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    intermittent cath vs foley/supra pubric cath?

    Why is that intermittent cath is better than foley / supra pubric cath? Thanks!

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    Because a number of studies have shown that intermittent cath, properly done, results in more long term healthy kidneys than indwelling catheterization does. In addition, there is much higher risk of bladder cancer with indwelling catheter use vs. intermittent cath. Both urethral and SP indwelling catheters (Foley is a type of catheter generally used for both) also carry a higher risk for urinary stones than intermittent cath. Of course there is also the issue of having to always wear a bag when using an indwelling catheter.


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    I am new at this self cath thing only 8 days and my wife is doing my cath but we are unsure how to do my cath while I'm at work. In time I will learn to self cath my self but want to know how others cath at work??? I will be cathing every 4 to 5 hours. can anyone help with this

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    try to learn to do it yourself as time goes by you body will get use to your own germs and you will get less uti's. it rehab they put me on a every 6 hours first couple years a had a lot of uti's and ended up at the hospital for iv anti-bodies. so i switch to every four hours and doing it myself as much as possible went uti free for 14 years. this year i had my first one in 14 years and i hope that it will be another 14.
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    Frankie, where did you go for you rehab? Didn't they teach you how to cath? What is your level of injury? Self cath is much easier for men than for women, and most men with an injury of C6 and below can learn to cath pretty easily.

    Please complete your profile. It makes it much easier to respond to your posts. Thanks.


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