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Thread: Severe Pain Requires Severe Meds!

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    I too am fortunate that my doctor understand my pain and prescribes my Vicodin. My first general doctor after my accident said he would not prescribe them after the 2nd refill. He actually said I need to find the root of the problem, same for sleeping pills. Wtf I am in a wheelchair and paralyzed, we do have pain above and below the break. My sci doctor about fell out her chair. She would prescribe except I had to pick it at the clinic which was in downtown Minneapolis. Found a new doctor.
    Sesau1 I would recommend hiding you pills. I do not have young children at home and I still hide mine. Partly from anyone coming into my home or if someone figures I must have some opioids and do a break in. I keep a few in my wheelchair pocket and hide the rest.

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    I tried a medication similar to methadone that thye give to addicts. I forget what it was called but was no help. It is worth a try though I hope it helps. I have decided I have to just live with it but it is very aggrevating and hard to deal with because everyday is the same shit.

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    The only person you need to justify anything you do is yourself. Unless you do something that affects others, of course. If your doctor cant see what's going on, find another one - if u can do it without looking like a "shopper" 《== can be difficult sometimes. No one else needs to know.

    Be careful. I've had friends go on methodone programs to kick the cravings and reckon its worse than the original drug. Ive been lucky. I was on morphine for over a year waiting for surgery but was lucky enough not to have become addicted on the other side. I've had bowel troubles ever since tho. Too much of a conicidence not to be related.
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    Everybody wants freedom.... They just don't want it for everybody else...

    A college professor, a man I now consider my dad, once told me...
    "The minute you let someone decide what you can and cannot do, your life is no longer yours." A truer word has never been spoken in my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cris View Post
    Had the same concerns that you have about being dependent, addictive or whatever word you want to label it, a neurologist I saw in the nineties asked me me if I wanted to be "depend on the pain or depend on the pill".

    On another note, there are all sorts of acronyms that have evolved in the last decade or so that I ever heard of TAFL And this is the only thing is find on the net about it and was wondering how it was applicable.

    This was all I could find, is that what you intended?

    Tafl games are a family of ancient Germanic and Celtic strategy board games played on a checkered or latticed gameboard with two armies of uneven numbers, representing variants of an early Scandinavian board game called tafl or hnefatafl in contemporary literature.
    take a flying leap,,,, but it could be that you were being facetious.

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