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Thread: Low cortisol levels & steroid injections

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    Low cortisol levels & steroid injections

    I have had two blood tests in the past 3 months to confirm there is a problem with my adrenal glands. In June my level was 2.6 and a week ago my level was 2.0. I had trigger point injections, 1 in July 31st and 1 August 20th.

    My question is are these related?

    My doctor and I are trying to get to the root of the problem of my fatigue. After the injections I feel really good, but when I get active (like cooking dinner or going to the store) I get stressed out, heart beats fast, I sweat profusely, and my head fills up with pressure. I don't think I should be driving.

    Anyone else suffer from this?

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    Yes, your cortisol is too low . Don't drive for awhile , I supplement with magi vitamin c, b12 and magnesium . I have done a lot of reading on adrenal fatigue. You have to be careful of sugar intake . Rest a lot . Avoid stress. I am on low dose prednisone and adrenals are coming back after the shots .they thought I had addisons and now figure it was the shots in my neck . My cortisol is now at 6.0 I started at .4 . I was sooo sick

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    I was put on prednisone in dec2011 and am getting better . My neck still hurts . But I don't hurt anything like when my cortisol was .4. My knees ached as well as my low back and neck , I was confused, dropped things, easily angered . It was horrible.

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