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    spreader bar

    Anyone have a suggestion where I might find a spreader bar for a Hoyer-Partner type lift, or something similar?
    - Richard

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    Did you contact Sunrise Medical (Hoyer distributer)? You might find something on Craig's List or eBay, but much more likely to find one of these older Hoyers intact and have to purchase the whole thing. I am curious...did yours break somehow?


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    No, I took the spreader bar off of our standard lift and am using it in a home-made ceiling lift, but would like to keep the old one handy.
    I was hoping to avoid spending several hundred for a complete lift. As an alternative, I might have something welded up locally.
    - Richard

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    When I read "spreader bar" in the title I my mind shot off in a COMPLETELY different direction. I need to get out more.

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