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Thread: Selling an iBot

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    Selling an iBot

    Hello all,
    I found this forum while doing web searches on the iBot, and it seems to be one of the more informed around so I am hoping you might be able to help me. My father, who was an iBot user for about 3 years, recently passed away. My mother is now in a position of needing to sell the iBot.
    I've seen a thread on this forum that mentions having seen iBots sold on eBay. Seems like everything sold there these days. Given the complexity of the device and the nature of its use, I'm wondering if there are not better options for reselling it, and what the best procedure might be. If anyone out there has any thoughts or suggestions along those lines, my family and I would be most appreciative.


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    I would have an interest in buying your Ibot. Please forward details.

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    Bosque2805 - I sent you a private message with the details.

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    I am very interested in buying your wheelchair, I sent you a private message. Please contact me as soon as possible, in case you still haven't sold it.

    Thank you very much,

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    please, any one knows about an ibot available

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    What is your asking price for the iBot?
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    My brother purchased an iBot 4000 a couple of years ago, but we have concluded he has needs that require a different chair. Interested in selling his. Excellent condition; not used much, and not at all in rain or snow; mostly inside. Have the charger. Located in Stamford, CT.

    Any guidance for how much to ask?

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    Seeking an iBOT

    Seeking an iBOT for my son with SCI to get him up/down stairs so he can come home for the holidays. Do you still have yours available?

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    Wow i was thinking those ibot was mch more, maybe u have diff. model etc.. $4,000
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    Hi all, I am the originator of this post. Since I think many people will find this forum and ultimately this post the same way I did - through a web search for iBOTs - I should pass along some of what I have learned over the past few months.

    First off, my father's iBOT has been sold. We were able to find it a home with a veterans organization that has placed several iBOTs with injured soldiers. Thank you to all who replied to me for your interest.

    What I think will be of value to people is what I have learned though my communications with Independence Technology, the former manufacturer of the iBOT. Since the device required a prescription and a thorough training course, Independence Technology will not service anyone who is not a trained iBOT user. Since the chair is no longer in production, the official training course is no longer available. That means that unless you are a current or former iBOT user, Independence Technology will not be able to supply you with any service at all, including parts and maintenance. You would either have to have some alternate source for these (I do not know of any 3rd parties that supply that) or take the risk that your chair will not break.

    I hope this information is of use to people. I also hope they find a way to get this wonderful chair back into production.


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