Hey yall...Hope ev's doing good.Well Ive been comming to this site for a few months now and this is my 1st post. Ive found an endless amount of info here & I hope I can continue to do so now that Ive decided to openly express my situation. I posted this in the caregivers forum because i consider myself a caregiver. Im in a rel with a guy who has a SCI. He was diagnosed a few yrs back with HO. He has it in his hips.It is now fully mature. He's a T3 comp.I relocated to NY and found that they have a lot of SCI clinics and places where he could get better treatment. He lives in Clearwater Fla.So I asked him to fly down here & just check it out. I ve been trying to get him to see a dr about his hips for almost 3 yrs now. His HO really interferes with ADL. he cant do transfers in his own and his posture when sitting is outta this world.Hes 29!!!So he came & right away I did all the medicaid transfers and got ev in order. He went to the clinic 2x and then he had an appt with an orthopedic surgeon tom. But at the last min he backed out & went back home.I dont know what to do now.At what point do u stop forcing it? This is something that clearly he has to decide for himself but its soooo imp. I just cant understand why wouldnt he want to do it. I know this might seem like a weird post I just dont know what to do from here.The fact that we came to NY a little over a month ago and he was being scheduled for surgery should point out the urgency of his situation.I was just wondering if by any chance anyone had been in my same situation or if anyone just had an opinion.Thanx