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Thread: please help with my MRI!!!

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    please help with my MRI!!!

    Please help me with my mri. I hurt my back last July08 from an injury at work. Here is what the results were-Demonstrates no fractures. there is no diffuse bone marrow abnormality. There is a mild straightening of the normal lordosis of the cervical spine but no evidence of malalignment. The c2-3 level is intact. At c3 and c4 there is facet disease and spondylosis. Mild foraminal narrowing on the right is seen at this level but this is of questionable architectural significance. There is a facet disease of questionable architectural significance at c4 c5 also at c5 - c6.

    general impression- early degenerative changes of questionable architectural significance
    please help me understand . Im in pain.
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    You should speak to the physician who ordered the MRI, but according to what you wrote, there is no cord compression, although it does sound like you may have some root compression. There are various surgeries and other invasive procedures that may be used for treatment, but it is common that residual pain remains even if these are used. Exercises may be prescribed. Are you seeing a PT?


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