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Thread: Delta's new faucets

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    I still think that's a very cool faucet to have in a kitchen (especially when you have hands covered in goo from breading something for frying!!). If there are concerns about accessiblity, take those concerns into consideration when planning out how to replace one's faucet and what to replace it with!

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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    For the ignorant and uneducated
    Redundant, redundant?

    Do you have a copy of the ADA?

    Have you read the ADA?

    Do you have any idea what the complete ADA covers?

    If you were going to remodel your bathroom into a roll-in shower or shower room what are you going to use as standards?
    My own dimensions, needs and desires. I've found that much of what meets ADA is not optimal for me.

    BTW, why are you so snarky about this?


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    Quote Originally Posted by titanium4motion View Post
    For the ignorant and uneducated above and to answer your questions, the ADA has guidelines to follow.

    Do you have a copy of the ADA?

    Have you read the ADA?

    WOW all I meant was that this paticular faucet would work really well DESPITE the fact that it is not labeled as 'accessible' by the government

    Uneducated?? I have a BS degree in Civil Engineering

    I have a copy of it, BUT it is too broad to be used as the ONLY source for designing a house - a house should/needs to be designed to the user!
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    The supprise ........INSIDE!

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    I was watching a Do It Yourself channel when I saw an advertisement for the Delta Faucet. I never knew it had a head extension on it! OH the ease of filling up a big pot ON THE STOVE and not lugging the heavy pot across the kitchen!

    I think I know what I want for CHRISTMAS

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