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Thread: Pilot's License

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    Cool Pilot's License

    Have any of you seen this?

    They help people with physical disabilities earn their pilot's license. It looks pretty neat.
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    Here is an organization you may want to get in touch with. It is the oldest disabled pilot's organization, and was started by a couple of my clients who were WWII veterans:


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    Is qualification in skydiving prerequisite to obtaining a pilot's license? I pretty damn sure that anyone flying with me is gonna want to have a chute and know how to use it!
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    skydiving has nothing to do with obtaining a pilot's license. all you need is a medical certificate and a radio operator's license. i flew for yrs and live by the old pilot adage: "why jump out of a perfectly good airplane?".

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    Baah, I dont need no stinkin' license!

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    Pretty sweet copter man! You should build a volcano.

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    better be careful! someone recently saw one of those things go down and called 911 reporting a real crash!

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    Hey Saorsa.

    Had my license a little under a year... Great challenge and worthwhile taking up if you have the money to do it... got my cross country endorsement (in (ultralights as well) as well working on aerobatics endorsement but have run into money troubles for a little bit...

    Hey Andy You enjoyin' another one of my passions - RC... Very cool chopper dude. Got a few of my own, not scale tho, built for 3d... Curtis Youngblood ain't got nuthin' on me... Yeah right... lol. Is that a hirobo frame in that chopper. Looks a lot like a hirobo head, i could be wrong it is spinning at 1800rpm.

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    I had a private pilot's license for a few years prior to my SCI.

    Now I am trying hard to get my medical certificate reissued. However, it was refused. They cited my history of paraplegia as the reason. They also mentioned specifically Baclofen and Dantrolene.

    It pisses me off that they can decide not to issue a certificate because of a side effect (drowsiness) that I do not suffer from?

    I can steer the plane using my feet, but I need the baclofen to stop them spasming too much. If I come off the baclofen, I am less safe flying the plane. I have NO history of any drowsiness. Why can I drive a car (lethal weapon) and take baclofen, yet not fly a small plane???

    Then I write to wheelchairaviators for help and get a shrug of the shoulders. I must be the first SCI to try to get his medical cert.

    FWIW, I am telling the FAA I came off the drugs and I still going to take them.

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    FWIW, I am telling the FAA I came off the drugs and I still going to take them.
    Something about this statement bothers me a lot.

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