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Thread: Any good job ideas for quads?

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    Any good job ideas for quads?

    I am a 52-year-old former oil and gas executive who happens to also be C-5,C-4 incomplete 6 years post. Although I have been able to both support my family and handle the huge increase in my health care expense, I'll soon be overcome by these increasing expenses. (Sound familiar?)
    I need to increase my annual income by $25,000--$30,000. Realistically, I also need to work from home for the most part. I can make meetings or other work assignments outside home during the week. (BTW, I am fluent in French and Spanish.)
    Any encouraging advice?

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    Would love to give you some advice Sir but don't know how. The increase you are looking to make is tripple of my annual earnings. Maybe a less costly lifestyle? Good luck.
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    I wish I could say over the phone interpreter, but I could only wish to have the earnings you are expecting. If you want info on this (you might get better pay cause of the 3 languages) PM me.
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    Dude! Former oil exec., 52 years old, and you speak three languages and you don't know what you could do?

    Seems to me that getting back into the oil and gas business in any way possible is the only way you're going to make that kind of money.

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    I don't know if there's anything here that's appropriatebecause I haven't looked at them, but these came a newsletter from the Nnational MS Society.

    Employment Opportunities
    Hire Disability Solutions is seeking individuals with MS and their caregivers to fill certain work-at-home positions. If you are interested, please go to and click on the Teletech icon to work at home today. For a listing of all employment opportunities that are currently available for disabled candidates, browse and click on the Featured Employers icons. Any questions may be directed to Hire Disability Solutions at1-800-238-5373 or e-mailed to the CEO of Hire Disability Solutions, Jeffrey Klare at
    www.disability.govis an online resource designed to provide people with disabilities, their family members, employers, service providers, educators and others with quick and easy access to the information they need. The site offers a number of ways to find this information, including:
    · Search & Advanced Search
    · Information by Topic
    · Information by State
    · "I want to"
    · Site Map

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    1) cut some costs. You will find here how others are managing with costs care. Their experience may be very valuable.
    2) do what you like most with pleasure and 60h/week(minimum). Maybe a new business. These times might me good for a start.

    Or move to another country(France, Spain) where health system is not soo business orientated. IMO being disabled is almost equal with being poor (especially on hi quadriplegics).
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    BT and Lloydds and loads of IT tech knowledge and no job for insurance purposes I cant get one!!

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