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Thread: Question for Sci Nurse

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    Question for Sci Nurse


    I'm Valon 24 years old , 10 years post injury C5 . I have a suprapubic catheter,
    I read some posts here in Care Cure about the risk of track infections and which can be deadly !` Now I'm worry a little , I never had such of problems because I drink to much and my father who is doctor took care of me .

    Is really a big problem having it still?

    Thank you

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    I would recommend you read the post at teh beginning of this care section "Bladder Management for adults with SCI." While having a catheter increases your chance for infections, if you have good technique, good nutrition and get symptoms such as fever, increased spasms, blood in urine,etc checked out quickly, and get regular testing of kidney and bladder- you should do well.


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    I've had one for the past seven years and have had no problems with it other than it clogging up every few weeks. It's really saved me as far as independence goes. I wouldn't worry about it, the independence it gives you far outweighs any side effects that you can get from it. And to keep mine clean, every night we spray a mix of hydrogen peroxide and water on it and wipe it down, no dressing and a strap holding it to my leg at all times so it never gets pulled out and I drink cranberry juice and water mixed 50/50/9 and lots of water during the day and I've only had one infection in the past four years that actually got me sick.
    C-5/6, 7-9-2000
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    Make the best out of today because yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Nobody knows that better than those of us that have almost died from spinal cord injury.

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    Thank you very much Nurse...

    RyBread: Thank you telling me your experience , how do you manage the bladder now ?


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