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Thread: Quad concern

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    Quad concern

    I've been a C5 C6 quad/double amputee for seven years now
    and up until about the last year or so I've been blessed with
    pretty good health. Then in March of this year cellulitis and pseudomonas was found in my urine. The cellulitis was in my side and I had to have it drained. About one month later, the incision got infected and it formed an abcess. They had to drain it again. I also developed pseudomonas in the site. Since I have been out of the hospital, it has been healing up nicely with no signs of infection.

    A home health nurse has been making weekly visits changing the dressing
    and making sure everything looks good since I've been home from the hospital. She assures me that everything looks good but I don't know. I've heard all the horror stories about how hard it is to get this COMPLETELY out of your system and frankly, they don't give me the warm fuzzies.

    Am I blowing this out of proportion? Or do I have a legitimate reason for concern?

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    Can you be more specific about where your wound is? I sounds like you had an abscess in addition to cellulitis, because cellulitis alone does not include a fluid filled pocket.

    Did you have a consultation from an infectious disease physician? How much of an open area do you have now? Was osteomyelitis ruled out? Has your wound been recently cultured? Unless you have a drug resistant form of pseudomonas, it should not be an unusually difficult infection to treat.


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    Pseudomones is a water borne bacterium, so keep the area covered when taking shower. I had this about 4 times with back wound, it's an easy fix,

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