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    Wheel flex

    Is anyone using or has any one seen the Wheel Flex work out system for those of us in chairs? Here is the web site in case anyone is interested ( I saw this at the Veterans Wheelchair Games and I just ordered mine though the VA and should have it here soon. I think it's a nice piece of equipment to have and it feels good to use and not have to transfer out of your chair like going to the gym, don't get me wrong I enjoy going to the gym but when I don't feel like it I can use this and get a nice burn. Check it out and let me know what you think, I would love to hear any type of feed back.

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    That's pretty cool! I know it was probably right in front of me, but if it was I couldn't see much are they??
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    Not really sure. I just e-mailed them to try and find out what the price is. As soon as they get back with me I will post it.

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