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Thread: LMN bladder recovery

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    LMN bladder recovery

    What were the signs for people when their bladder started to recover, how long did it take for each of you, and do most with LMN not have bladder recovery.. I have searched and read posts from past years but I just wonder if anyone has any new recovery. I guess Im just looking for hope..a person can always have post. I am also hoping to talk with Dr. Wise. By the way thank you for everyone that asks questions this is such a great site!

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    I regained feelings in my bladder after about two years, now I am incontinent at night and during the day I can not hold it very long as my bladder is overactive during the day. I don't know why, but one day I just felt the urge to go and potty trained myself so to speak.

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    It seems that quite a few people say it starts to change about 18 months 2 years. Is your a higher up injury though? Congratulations on your recovery and hopefully it continues to recover! Thank you for posting.

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    LMN injury here and no bladder recovery. I'm only 16 months post, so maybe there's still hope
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    I'm also LMN and no bladder improvement. My bowels seem to have improved - at least I have fewer accidents then I used to. Of course, that could be attributed to the fact that my bowel routine is better. Mike
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    Thanks for posting. There is always hope. I was wondering uscmolly and MikeC if you what type of issues you still have in your legs. Also do you know of anyone recovering b&b from a lower injury

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