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Thread: San Francisco grabs lead in stem cell race

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    San Francisco grabs lead in stem cell race

    San Francisco grabs lead in stem cell race
    By Terri Hardy -- Bee Staff Writer
    Published 2:15 am PDT Tuesday, April 26, 2005

    The high-profile, high-stakes battle among California cities to land a coveted $3 billion stem cell research program became even more heated and political Monday as San Francisco emerged as a virtual shoo-in - the top-scoring site under consideration.
    Some members of a statewide site selection subcommittee grappled Monday with creating a point system that would help the other finalist cities in the second scoring phase. At the end of their meeting, however, it became clear that the total points available would make it almost impossible for Sacramento, San Diego or Emeryville to catch up with front-runner San Francisco.


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    SF - Maybe a place to consider moving to?

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    Only the committee will be based here in San Francisco. The committee is formed of the same people wherever it resides. This group of people decides where the money goes. Can't hurt to be close but doesn't mean as much as it sounds like.

    Brian C5

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    brian - its the committee's ability to attract other related businesses/industries to the area that could have enormous economic impact.

    Similar in scope and potential as silicon valley was/is imo.

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    Ah yes SF, right in my back yard. If Sacramento wins, it would be my front yard. Perfectly placed. Either way, just a stones throw away.

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    San Franciso is the top choice of the site-selection committee, followed by Sacramento and then San Diego.

    Some interesting statistics for San Francisco from this article. First, SF has 870 biotech companies, including the powerhouse Genentech, with 80,000 employees, more than any other region in the United States. Second, SF biotech companies won more than half of all the venture capital biotech funding in the United States in the first quarter of this year. Third, judging from the intense competition by many California city for the honor of hosting the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, most of the cities think that stem cells are a big deal also.


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    According to CNN, the decision will be made tomorrow. Unless something drastic happens, it appears San Francisco has been chosen as the preferred location.

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    S.F. wins hard-fought battle for stem cell headquarters

    S.F. wins hard-fought battle for stem cell headquarters
    Regional ties prove crucial to victory as board needs second round of balloting
    Carl T. Hall, Chronicle Science Writer

    Saturday, May 7, 2005

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    California Institute for Regenerative Medicine

    Center for Genetics and Society

    San Francisco's bid

    Fresno -- San Francisco was chosen as the headquarters city Friday for California's $3 billion stem cell program, overcoming a strong challenge from San Diego and Sacramento in a battle that was decided mainly on regional loyalties.

    Mayor Gavin Newsom called it a historic achievement for a city and region struggling to find its economic footing after suffering through the collapse of the dot-com bubble.

    "This secures our future as a point of destination for discovery," Newsom said.

    Almost every city in California of any size at all seemed to possess ambitions to become the state's stem cell capital after voters passed Proposition 71 last fall, which authorized $3 billion worth of state bonds in a decadelong program just now getting started. San Francisco cobbled together a $17 million package centered on 20,000 square feet of offices across King Street from SBC Park and at the edge of the UCSF Mission Bay campus

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