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Thread: Recommended air beds? Pegasus unit not working

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    Recommended air beds? Pegasus unit not working

    I've had a pegasus airwave unit for over 10 years. The motor needs repair, and they're gone.

    What air beds are good replacements?

    Is this the company that bought pegasus?

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    I have used a KCI Tricell for 3 years without a problem, and it has worked well.
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    This Ease company makes air beds ( ).
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    Pegasus went out of business several years ago. I don't think anyone bought them out. If you need a low air loss (LAL) mattress, there are plenty of other manufacturers including Joerns/Triline, Invacare, and KCI, plus many other smaller companies. If you have to purchase out of your own pocket, you might want to check out eBay. I see them for sell there often at a significant discount.


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    I have a Clini-Dyne LAL self-turning mattress.

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