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Thread: What do you do about stray dogs.

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    What do you do about stray dogs.

    What do you do when two stray dogs get in a fight on your deck? Run inside, try to seperate them, kick the one on top, spray them with water, yell at them, no gun here so can't shoot it in the air so what do you do?

    These are huge dogs there are three of them I would imagine they all weigh over eighty pounds apiece. One is a husky and not sure what the other two are but they are all big dogs. They have not been aggressive towards me but I have tried not to be too friendly with them but I have petted them at times. They are not always at the house (this is not a house we live in but are still building) but are there several times a week. They seem to hang out under my deck and eventually go home at some point. Well I assume they have a home because they are fed surely not thin but they are not groomed and the husky has a really bad limp. Bente these are the three dogs you saw when I took you out to see the new house so you know how big they are.

    Today I was on the deck with my husband, my niece, her husband, and their children when the husky came out from under the deck wanting attention but one of the other dogs came up on the deck and pinned the husky down and looked if it was trying to kill it. Think we were all in shock because the dogs have never done this before it was a horrible experience. The husky was pinned down on its back screaming while the other dog looked like it was trying to rip the husky's throat to pieces. The way the husky was pinned she couldn't fight back even if she had wanted to.

    We all screamed at them, the other dog was in the yard howling like he wanted them to stop fighting, we were just all in shock I think to actually think straight it happened so fast. We did have sense enough to tell the kids to go inside. I didn't want the dog to turn on one of us but we couldn't let the one dog kill the husky right there in front of us. Someone ran after the water hose, my niece didn't hit them with the chair but tried to seperate them with it which didn't work. Maybe it wasn't the right thing to do but my niece's husband kicked the dog on top which did knock her off the husky. We were able to get that dog to leave by yelling at her in a stern voice. The one that was on top is actually the dog out of the three that is extremely friendly or wants attention I have to tell her to go away all the time or she keeps trying to lick me.

    We didn't yell at the husky to leave and let him stay on the deck checked the best we could to make sure she wasn't bleeding but we found older injuries I guess from other fights. She has two open sores on both front legs one is infected. She hardly has any teeth they look like they have been broken off again I assume from fights. I mean we didn't check her extremely well because by then we were afraid of all these dogs.

    We went inside and after awhile the husky also left but I am afraid this will happen again. I have to go out there again tomorrow and am so afraid they will be back and not sure what to do. I really hate to call animal control but I don't know what else to do. This house is in a rural area and have a feeling many people don't keep there dogs fenced in.

    So anyways what do you do if you find two dogs fighting right in front of you on your deck or porch. This really did traumatize all of us today.
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    Water hose is a good idea if you can keep it handy. Of course, it won't always be where you need it, so it would be good to keep something like pepper spray (though it's not always effective against a raging dog), or a bat or something else to swing if it comes down to having to defend your family.

    In a rural area it's not just a matter of people not keeping their dogs contained...too many people abandon their dogs and create a dangerous and tragic situation. Please realize that this is a serious problem and can be very dangerous. Don't be squeamish about using physical force against any dog that's a threat, but also don't put yourself in danger to protect another dog.

    Not to be too dramatic, but here's a story that came out a few days ago.
    Thankfully things aren't usually that dire, but don't take your situation lightly.

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    Definitely call animal control. Hopefully you have it. When I lived in a rural place there was none. I wouldn't feel bad for calling.
    Sounds like you just got a new pet husky though.
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    Animal control.
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    Call animal control immediately. In Georgia, a retired professor and his wife were torn apart by a pack of strays last week. Once dogs go wild and run in packs they become dangerous, the problem needs to be dealt with.

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    Go to and fill in the locator like you want to adopt a dog in your area. If a rescue/shelter pops up call them. If not call animal control and let them know what appears to trigger fights. It sounds like you may have a mother and pup and a stranger who wants in. If they haven't tried to go after a person let animal contro know. The one who wants attention sounds lost.
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    Baseball bat, SWING and a HIT!
    I have to admit a water hose hooked to a fire hydrant would also do.

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    Like the others. Animal control. If someone were to come on to your property and be attacked by these dogs... guess what then?

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    I had this same issue w/ a neighbors dog before my injury.She would be fine then pin my Beagle mix trying to kill him.I loved her like my own & didn't want animal control involved so I always jumped in like an idiot.I kept my animals supervised & told her owner but she never listened.Reese got put down by animal control while I was in rehab though.

    I got scolded @ work for jumping in a gang & getting bit.

    Really,you should use a water hose or mace.Now,I'd have to call animal control by being in a chair if it persisted.Dog wrangling days are over!
    It is a huge liabilty & not fair to the Husky.

    Good luck w/ the Husky.Keep trying to work w/ them out of danger of course.Hopefully you can keep it.With those wounds &the flies,it's time for a maggot party.Atleast try to get it help.Most shelters take owner releases,sending strays to animal control.If those wounds & its fear take too much effort-immediate put down!I hope you can find a way to help somehow & find its home or a new one instead if you can't keep it.

    Good luck with the other furry fighters,it's probably an alpha or pack battle.

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    So sad, the dogs were so friendly. But call the animal control, the dogs did not look like the people who own them took care of them.
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