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Thread: I Have An Anaconda Wrapped Around My Rib Cage

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    Thanks Bill. And WOW, HipCrip, you've got a lot going on. I had read your story before, but didn't remember the details. Thanks for sharing again. My injury was caused by calcification in my spinal column (T6-T9) due to degenerative disc disease. The calcium deposit broke one day when I was doing laundry and damaged my cord at T8-9. I pretty much have degeneration from neck to tail, so to speak, but most of the damage is in the thoracic area. I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy! The pain is constant, intense, and constantly moving around to different areas. This "hug" thing, however, is particularly troublesome because it impacts my ability to breathe and can last for days at a time.

    Again, thanks for your responses/support.
    for spasm use only heat, do u live alone? the reason i ask, maybe somoeone can help you with this; take two tennis balls, stick em in a sock, and try and roll it over the effected area
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    It's Back

    The anaconda has slithered it's way back into my life, but it's been over a month since it last happened, so perhaps I shouldn't complain.

    It's just sooooo frustrating and exhausting.

    Just needed to vent.
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