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Thread: websites to find a live in caregiver?

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    Talking websites to find a live in caregiver?

    Does anyone know any websites where you can find a live in caregiver? Thankyou

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    I think you would be better off placing an ad on craigslist. I cannot vouch for the two sites below.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with Craig's List, but I would caution you that live-in is the very most difficult to hire. Most people have their own family, and want to live with them. In addition, you still need at least 2 caregivers as you would need to give your live-in at least one day off (24 hours) per week. Many people find they have more flexibilty and find it easier to recruit with a number of part-time people. Do you really need 24/7 care???


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    I have 4 caregivers that I split six hours a day in between two at a time so I've always got a backup, well almost always, in case one shift can't make it. That's worked well for me now for the past three years. I've found all my people on Craig's list many times not having any issues with any of them and getting many choices every time I put an ad in. Why do you need 24-hour care? I'm on bed rest and I still only need five or six hours a day.
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    I remember talking to my friend about this. She said to go through an agency besides craig's list because they do background checks and some require references. If you hire someone on CL, you would have to pay to do a background check and sometimes not everything (such as prior arrests) are on there.

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    We use Craig's list, and after interviewing, but before hiring, we do a background check through a PI that I know personally. She checks for any arrests, convictions, DUIs, bankruptcies, etc. etc. and for the accuracy of listed address and SS# for less than $100, usually with the report back to us the same day. It is money well spent. Just because someone works for an agency, don't assume that the agencies do a good background check. We also call previous employers and personal references to check on them. Hire privately if you can, and do your own.


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    Many agencies hiring and background check process goes this:
    "Hello, welcome to Caring Caregivers Home Care Agency. How can I help you?"
    "Uhhh, I was wondering if you are hiring anybody?"
    "Sure, we're always looking for good people. What is your name?"
    "Susan Smi.."
    "You're hired."
    "Don't you want to see my resu…?"
    "Here is the address of your client. You start tomorrow morning at eight."

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