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Thread: Lyrica Withdrawal - How Long Will This Last?

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    Unhappy Lyrica Horror

    I've been takin just 75mg at night for neuropathy that was very painful.
    The weight gain & headaches, GI issue's weren't worth it. My Dr was in a major accedet & had to close her office. I have a new pt appt middle of next month. I decided to wean myself. Took it every other day for a week felt good. Woke up abot 1am today sicker then I've ever been even from cancer treatments. I broke down & took a pill an hour ago because I do not want to go to the ER as my hsband would like. Keeping ice chips down bbut can't even sit up due to vertgo. I've fractured my back, given birth, fought cance, have Barrets Disease.... this is hell.
    Any suggestions for relief? Taking Alpha Lypoic Acid, magenese, calcium for neuropathy & Ptotonix for Barrets & GERD.

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    I've been on Lyrica for 3 months and decided to stop it! Was swollen, arm was getting numb, mouth too. My doctor said to stop it last week! Aftr one week, I feel awful, anxiety, depression, restlessness... I am wondering if I should taking it back?? And also why my doctor never told me about this???
    Am also taking magnesium, ashawaganda, and a friend from South Africa said I should take MSM (nature health store), I started and I am hoping to feel better.
    Hope you'll feel better too!
    My pain was less before this!!

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