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Thread: James Cameron's Avatar

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    must see in 3d amazing!

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    before i saw the trailer for this movie i had never noticed an SCI wheelchair character in any major movie (don't think Xmen guy is SCI). seeing a main character in Glee in a wheelchair also seems like a breakthrough (but he also looks more MS than SCI). still, positive...well, honest, very least actually portraying wheelchair users can only help to reduce the number of stares and misconceptions in the long term.

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    he is a para injured as a marine. his twin brother is a scientist and dies. he takes over the mission where he goes into an MRI looking machine with electrodes and becomes the avatar being. he can walk and jump in a body thats super human! sign me up!

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    um, funny

    this is sad, but i just now saw my comment i made on 12/23 and realized that was the first morning i was in rehab, and i DO NOT remember making that comment at all. surprised as well that i was that out of it to not remember, but at the same time wrote and spelled everything so well. odd how that works.

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