After reading some of the document I'm not convinced that any state is going to use any federal funds for the continued studies for stem cell clinical trials.

This is a 77 page document that has been submitted to the President and Congress June 2009 to follow as guidelines on how our medical care and treatments are to be applied to disabled people and other more priority groups. The document is a public and private (NIH, and other organizations in the study) view of what people in the U.S. think should be allowed for disabled people. You decide what is going to happen to the stem cell research, that has been so talked up about in the press and on the websites in 2009. Accordingly, these views show a somewhat less than positive view when using biologic treatment (regenerative methods such as stem cell). I know what I'm going to do, if my daughter is going to have the chance to be included in any type of stem cell research in the coming years, and I would also like to urge everyone on the CareCure forum to write/email/twitter/call your officials in your state and let them know what a terrible mistake this can and will put on the disabled person. If this statistical data is correct, disabled people are going to be no longer a priority for the government to fund any research in regenerative treatments and focus most federal funds on Pharmacologic Treatment per the views of private enterprise and the public compiled data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

NOTES: see page 32 Table 2
see page 34 Table 4