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Thread: Pics of my new chair; Eclipse

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Back to topic...Nice Eclipse. I like the color.

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    Quote Originally Posted by k2_blader0101 View Post
    I have a son thats been in a chair since he was 16 years old, he is now 22. He has a ti lite now, but has outgrown it. This is my predicament, he is in prison, he is now 22 years old, weight 140 lbs, and is 6' tall. He was incarcerated when he was 17 years old. He does alot of exercising, laps on the rec field which is dirt, when it is raining he does laps in the gym. He does about 3 miles per day in addition to other exercises. I need a chair that has some type of shock absorbency. He received a brochure for some chairs and was interested in the Quickie XTR. Does anyone have any suggestions for a new chair that will be used for everyday use, in addition to doing laps that is sturdy. Thanks for any advice.
    he's the same age as me, and i'm a SCI since i was 16 too ^_^ i'm 5'9" tall. since he wanted a chair with shock absorbency, i've tried several chairs, and i would prefer colours razorblade that my friend had.colours have the reptation in being the best suspension chair ever, and i dont doubt that...

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    Must say i like your chair foton,dont know if i will be able to get it in south africa,but like the black all round

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    Hello Riaan,
    Thanks for the comment. I like Colours chairs. I had no too many coplains about them. But, this chair is not the lightest in its category. I have opted for box frame because of better durability. I am very active outdoors and in my opinion only box frame gives you extended durability when opted for aluminum. This is my second Eclipse and I would recommend it to anyone looking for aluminum chair. At least to consider.

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    One more thing...... the frame is not painted but powder coated. That gives longer lasting frame protection. Rims are anodized and those can ve very easy scratched. Since many people here vote for TI chairs I will try to get ZR2 with natural titanium finish. The same for rims. Painted, powder coated, anodized....whatever you choose it will not last.

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    Thumbs up

    That's a great looking chair.

    I've got an older Eclipse that's never given me a problem.

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    Eclipse is a great chair. I have one hanging in my garage. If it didn't have a 6 degree camber built in, I'd probably ride it still.

    It was pretty adjustable when I bought it in early 90's. One of the more versitile chairs I've ever owned. I hated the Boing that I had later. Congrats, you got a great chair.

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    I always enjoy and learn from seeing pics of chairs. Thanks

    why did you decide to switch from 24 to 26?
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    Great looking eclipse dude. I'm a huge Colours fan, have been for years. I think they have been under rated as chair builders because they take a different approach with their marketing. It is a bit different but a breath of fresh air compared to other companies that use blatant arrogance. Bottom line, Colours keep it real.
    Then there's the material matter. Colours have been building chairs for years using aluminum and in my opinion that's what they should be made from. Stick your titanium up your a$$. Notice how many of the other chair builders are ceasing to build with titanium and moving over to aluminum.
    Colours, hands down make the best chairs with the best stock upholstery and they're light as a feather.
    I'm in no way affiliated with Colours, Ive had most makes out there and they are the guys that don't disappoint!!
    Oh yea, really nice eclipse dude.

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    The challenge with Colours is their lousy customer service.

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