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Thread: hypothetically speakking

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    hypothetically speakking

    Ok say you are on a long flight from the states you and your attendant going to Europe and you get the sudden urge to evacuate your bowel how do you handle that.

    Now sense you are going across the pond as it were , probably on a Boeing 747 or bigger and they are required by the ADA law to have at least 1 accessible lavatory on board you could try to squeeze you and your attendant in there or you could mess your shorts how would you all handle this difficult situation?
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    Unfortunately I was on a flight from Alberta to Ontario and there was no accessible washroom on board and before the plane even left they told me that they are not responsible and can not help to assist me with the washroom or transfers! Okay...... So good thing I was wearing extra protection due to the long flight and NO use of the washroom!!! It was quite embarassing Thank goodness I had an empty seat next to me tho! That is one of the days I will not forget!

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    yes but if you had an bathroom you could go into would you try to take you and a pca in their to go?

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    Take care you have done your things at home. I have taken 4 eight hours trips and 5 two hours trips and 2 four hours trips now and it is not possible to reach the bathrooms without walking on most of the planes.
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    Do a BM before and take some Immodium pills starting a day or two before your flight. That's all I can recommend.
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    Empty yourself out first!

    I have been on six forty-four hour long flights; Cleveland, Ohio to Qingdao, China. I never had any problems with my bowels during flight. What I do is empty my bowels by going on a juice diet two to three days before departure. That is how I avoid bowel problems.


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    You could never even fit yourself and an attendant in a plane bathroom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    You could never even fit yourself and an attendant in a plane bathroom.


    Protective undergarment (attends?) is the only thing I can suggest if this cannot be handled with preflight evacuation of your bowels.
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    I would suggest that you do your bowel program just before you travel. Eat lightly the day that you travel and stay away from anything that might cause you GI distress. There is probably no way that you can get into the airplane bathroom - and the airlines is NOT required to have anyone help you do to liability issues. I would also suggest wearing protective garments.


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