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Thread: Only way to endure SCI (respect yourself)

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    Cool Only way to endure SCI (respect yourself)

    As a 17 year post sci My only advice, if you choose to accept, it to play the following tune on a great stereo system, straight , drunk or stoned, however you enjoy your music

    remember to "Respect Yourself"

    P.s. this is the long version not heard on radio

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    i agree with you 100% it's been over 18 years for me. but i still have and will always will have hope!
    Street Dreamz c.c. maryland

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    I agree that Self-respect is the only way to go, but oh so hard sometimes!

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    to rev coleen
    right on sister.

    suffering is really hard to fathom and understand sometimes, i find music has helped keep my sanity

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    Thanks for the reminder!


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    How do you learn to do that? I keep trying but its really hard to except, My guitar was allways my best freind but it sits there

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