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Thread: body temperature

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    body temperature

    Hi there

    How is named the thing that i can't control the body temperature?

    many thx
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    i don't understand the wording of your question. i'm c6-c7 i can't control mine because the nerves that control that function are below my level i can't remember the level that controls the body temp. for some reason i'm thinking it was like t5 or t6. hope that's what your question was about.
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    Hey bud

    It's your autonomic system that's screwed.

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    Indeed it is the autonomic nervous system that has been affected. THe autonomic nervous system is at the T6 level. Anyone with an injury above T6 usually has some autonomic dysfunction. This can be the inability to control your body temperature, the inability to control your blood pressure resulting in low blood pressure, or autonomic dysreflexia - a condition that occurs when there is a stimulus below the level of injury. This can result in hypertension (high blood pressure) which can be life threatening.


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