Well my physical therapist and I are on trying to figure out what type of manual chair would be best for me. This is my first manual (in power right now) and we met with a guy where I have been getting equipment from. He had suggested a quickie gt. Here are the general specs we have come up with.

rigid frame

fold down back w/rigidizer 10"H

no arms

seat 14"w 12"d

1" dump

26" wheels

3-6 degree camber (camber tube that will be placed at 3 degree and can turned around to make a 6 degree camber)

85 degree front end

wide casters

cushion I am getting (for now) liberty vicair

So now I would like some input as to how well this chair rolls and I know a lot of you have tilite chairs. What are the difference's between the 2 chairs? I'm working with a pt who does not usually fit people for chairs so she is going by what this guy is saying and what I tell her. I personally would like to get a tilite. I need some good reasons though to want to get that kind.

I agree with the specs above just not sure on caster width. The guy had said wide casters so I don't sink in grass, mud, gravel, etc. easily.

i want a light weight compact chair. Something that's not going to be a hassle loading and unloading into a car or van. Something I can travel with easily. I am also paying out of pocket since insurance already got me a power chair a little over a year ago when I was first injured. So it could take a while to get it. What are some other things I need/should consider? Any advice would be great! Thanks