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Thread: Prenancy & Bladder medication

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    Smile Prenancy & Bladder medication

    hi everyone...My husband and I are going on our 2 year anniversary and are talking about having children. I am a T12 incomplete with Transverse Myelitis. My neurologist and internist have weaned me off 2 of my 3 medications. However, my urologist was unsure of the effects of Ditropan. I take 15mg/2x day of Ditropan to control my bladder spasms.

    My questions are: 1. How have you managed your bladder during pregnancy? 2. If you were on medication, what did you take and were there any side effects?

    Thank you in advance for your help!

    Lori in NJ
    Lori D.

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    Ditropan is a category B drug when it comes to pregnancy, meaning it is not totally proven safe (category A) but that no studies have proven it is unsafe for use in pregnancy (category C or D).

    Regardless, you should be including your OB/Gyn in the discussion of meds you should stop or not stop before you attempt a pregnancy. Your urologist's input is great, but your OB/Gyn is the expert on this. Sometimes they will just want you off certain meds during the first trimester (which of course means stopping BEFORE you get pregnant). Baclofen is an example of this.

    If you are taking Ditropan primarily for leakage and not because you have a high pressure bladder, you may want to decrease your dose or stop it and use padding (and good skin protective products) for the first trimester or so. Discuss this with both your OB/Gyn and your urologist (ideally, get them on the phone together).


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    thank you

    Thank you KLD. I have an appt in October with my Ob/Gyn. I will DEFINITELY discuss all of this with her and I know that my urologist would be more than happy to talk with her about this. I appreciate your help!
    Lori D.

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