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Thread: Insurance for mitrofanoff.

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    thank you so much. god bless.

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    i had mixed success with mine at long island jewish on long island. i was penny wise, pound foolish, wanted to stay close to home for follow up care should have researched more, though outcomes are never guaranteed. it now appears my doc didn't construct the opening between the augment and the original bladder big enough, so i can't fill up evenly and quietly. that dr. has since gone to another university. dr. vapnek has since kept it under control with botox.

    jonathan vapnek out of mt. sinai is worthy of an interview. he didn't do mine, but i use him now for followup. i wish i used him up front. caring man. has a web site. 212-717-9500

    victor nitti of nyu is another consideration. used for testing and possible reaugment, but decided not to, reaugment is rare and risky, 646-825-6324

    Jerry Blaivas, MD of nyu is another, interviewed for augment, but not used, (212) 308-6565

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