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Thread: Took off KAFO and WOW

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    Took off KAFO and WOW

    My daughter (t12) decided to try walking with just one KAFO. She is 9 months out and is gotten a lot of return in her left. If you look close you can see no bracing on the left. We are going to take the top portion of the KAFO off on the left and try just using it as an AFO, which should help her with the foot.

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    Congratulations & best wishes to your entire family.

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    That's just fantastic Get her into an AFO will make a world of difference for her. Walking with foot drop is exhausting and painful after only a short distance. It looks like she walks with the KAFO unhinged...have you considered going to bilateral AFOs and ditching the KAFOs altogether?

    Best of luck moving forward!!
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    We can take the thigh portion of the KAFO off to make it an AFO. Not sure what you mean by bilaterial AFOs. She'll need a KAFO on the right as she doesn't have any quads in the right.

    Crazy thing is that she is getting some HKAFOs soon. Long story, but she has been struggling with the KAFOs partly because of a 2" difference is leg length, plus other things. They cast her for the HKAFO the same time they added the height to the shoe. The height to the shoe has made the world of difference in using the KAFOs and now I'm not sure she needs the HKAFO. Maybe the HKAFO will help in getting her straight, but I think an AFO will do on the left. I'm guessing you have to have a full leg brace on both legs with a HKAFO??

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    I saw your daughter's videos on youtube she looks great. I'm a L1 incomplete that uses KAFOs too. I have hips to help stabilize me but try some upperbody strengthening with her it will help with the brace walking it helped make it easier and lessen my arm fatigue so i could stay up longer

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