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Thread: dental chair designed for wheelchair patients

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    dental chair designed for wheelchair patients

    Good luck convincing a dentist to shell out for one of these, but a neat idea. Some dentists must have these things. I just take my powerchair and recline but not all people who can't transfer all have that option.

    "The diaco® dental chair is a fully mobile dental platform designed specifically for wheelchair patients. The patient remains in their own wheelchair at all times, eliminating manual handling and hoisting, whilst enabling the optimal angle for dental care treatment for both patient and clinical team.
    Since launching in 2004, the diaco® dental chair is used across the NHS in the UK and in internationally recognised dental hospitals across Europe, Asia and Australia."

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    Wished my teeth looked so


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    They will also sell to the USA as we have investigated these for our new dental clinic. Of course this is not an option for a power chair.

    This system is one we are looking at as well, but you would have to transfer to their chair (and your cushion) which we would do with a ceiling track lift in the dental clinic prep area for those unable to do it independently:


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    KLD they say it accomodates powerchairs, I can see that having use in eye care as well.

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    My dental offices have been very wheelchair friendly for many years. They have chairs that raise/lower and have fold down armrests that make transfers a breeze. They are also quite comfortable. If you cannot transfer, they have well oriented staff to lift patients. I have an old wound scar on my sacrum and they are meticulous in protecting it. They have been much more accommodating than MDs, whose examining rooms are the size of closets. Their examination tables are 4 feet high, and if you need help, it is a major catastrophe. I prefer a dental checkup to an MD exam. There is no comparison.

    I think the dentists would consider the apparatus in the linked video if reasonably priced. I think it would be less comfortable for me that the dental chairs I currently use.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCIfor55yrs. View Post
    My dental offices have been very wheelchair friendly for many years. They have chairs that raise/lower and have fold down armrests that make transfers a breeze. They are also quite comfortable.

    and my dentist is in the straight ghetto, but the dental chairs all raise, lower, armrests move etc.

    If they could just fix the regular dr. exam tables I'd be set.
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    That looks great. I am lucky as I can wheel up to the side of the chair at my dentist and transfer over. When I was first out of the hospital he would lift me on to the chair. He has now moved (Dr. House - yes that is his name) up to Red Deer Alberta so I now have a new one but the same place.

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    Thanks for your comments about our Diaco Dental Chair for wheelchair users

    Hello All

    Came across this thread about my company.

    Thank you for your kind comments about the Diaco Dental Chair for Wheelchair users.

    Steve & The team at Diaco Dental Inc & Diaco Limited

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    I'm sitting in my dental chair. Tilt and a headrest seems to work fine for everyone I know.

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    I am trying to get to see a dentist now and having issues over helping me get in dentist chair. This is a county facility.


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