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Thread: Vitamin D deficiency question...

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    Vitamin D deficiency question...

    So I was told by my doctor today that I have a very large vit D deficiency. I have been given a prescription for Ergocalciferol 50,000 units once per week for 12 weeks then I have to go back and have my levels redrawn. I was just wondering if anyone has taken this. If this is an appropriate dosage, etc. Thanks for the info in advance!!

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    This drug is used to treat extreme vitamin D deficiency and rickets. I am concerned that your PCP is not going to do any tests sooner than 12 weeks though. The boundries between a therapeutic and toxic dose are very close with this drug.

    According to RxList, you should be monitored like this:
    Blood calcium and phosphorous determinations must be made every 2 weeks or more frequently if necessary. X-rays of the bones should be taken every month until condition is corrected and stabilized.
    although this is for DAILY (not weekly) dosing.

    I would recommend that you read this material and then call your physician and ask about the need for more close monitoring with this.


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    Thanks so much KLD!! I will call my PCP first thing in the morning. She did say that my deficiency was severe. I was shocked because I drink a lot of milk. Thanks so much for the info!!!

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    I would try eating lots of tuna & salmon, all dairy product & spending at least 10 minutes a day in the sun. If you like fish, cheese and sunshine it will definitely help you both physically & mentally!

    Try catching the morning sunshine on your face if possible. It will improve lots of things. Really.

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    Thanks so much Flicka, I do eat lots of fish. I love Tuna . I also get a good deal of sun already. I know by looking at me you wouldn't be able to tell . But seriously I am outside quite a bit. Thanks again for the advise.

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    I was also diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency and prescribed 50,000 units weekly. I was advised to come back and get retested, it was two months, I think. Since then I have been advised to continue on with the same dose weekly, and had my level checked again with my yearly exam last winter. So, I had my PCP prescribe this too. Since my initial diagnosis and treatment my PCP left the practice and I switched to another practice. My new PCP has taken over refilling the prescription and checking my levels, and he also agrees that 50,000 units weekly is advisable.

    I did some brief research on the net about Vitamin D deficienct treatment. While this doesn't make me any expert on the subject, it leads me to believe that we are getting treated appropriately.

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    here's my thread about vit d deficiency. it has a lot of good info there about drisdol.
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    Cali, thank YOU for posting your thread~

    I also am in the midst of treatment for Vit. D deficiency. I am going to go back and read that entire thread tomorrow ( really) when I am more

    I am taking 50000 IU per week of Vitamin D, manufactured by Pliva.

    Sorry to hear y'all have the condition too, but at least glad to know we are in this together.

    KLD, thanks for your info here, and on the other thread too...

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    Thanks Cali (Teena beat me to it ). I was just wondering if they did any additional monitoring and how often they did it. The monitoring that is. Are you still taking the 50.000 IU?

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    Becky, same problem here. I was put on 50,000 units too, and blood monitoring every three months. It was OK for me and my levels rose. Then I came off it and they fell again. Apparently my body just doesn't utilize enough of what is available in food and sunshine. Now I am back on the high dose again.

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