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Thread: c5-c7 with no problems in hands?

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    c5-c7 with no problems in hands?

    hi,, i have always wondered how i can have totally normal control over fingers and hands, even with such and high injury. i hav also full control over the chest. just wondering if anyone is the same way

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    When did you last have an ASIA/AIS exam done? It does not sound like you actually know what your NEUROLOGIC (not orthopedic) level of injury is. It could not be C5-7. Those are likely the vertebrae you fractured. Only an ASIA exam can tell you your actual LOI (level of injury) neurologically.


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    i wish i had normal control of hands and of my chest!

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    a had an asia a couple of months ago. im asia c. but they dident say anything specific. only that me left triceps and shoulder was a little weak compared to my right ... i do have a little changed feeling aroun my shoulder, but normal on hands and almost the whole arm.

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    i'm a c7-t1 but got so much function back that most label me a para.
    even my PMR Dr. says i'm "off the chart" since i'm too strong to be a quad but not really a para cuz of the rod in my humerus.
    i've learned that w/ SCI everyone is different and there is not really a status-quo on function at different levels of injury.
    be thankful for what you've got

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    they just need to classify you as something..
    categorize you

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    I am sensory incomplete from C3-C7 but classified as a ASIA D.

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