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Thread: George Foreman grill recipes?

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    George Foreman grill recipes?

    Hi all. After years of wanting a George Foreman grill I finally got one today. Does anyone else use an indoor grill, and can you recommend any recipes?


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    I use mine to make panenie sandwhiches

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    I don't have any specific recipes but we threw everything on it, chicken, salmon, steaks and porkchops. It's my main source of cooking although I'll admit, stakes with bone in them don't work too well on their and typically go in the broiler.
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    We use it for panini sandwiches as well. Also, grilled eggplant, peppers, etc. Have used it for steak, but as mentioned previously, does not always work. Let your imagination be your guide! It's really easy and cleanup is a breeze, especially if you got the removable grill plates. Bon appetito!

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    I cook frozen hashbrowns and fries just spray them with a little cooking oil. much healthier than frying. Great to broil just about any meat.

    Its fast and worth the money

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    Here is an old favorite that's been passed down for many generations:


    Kill Acquire meat

    Place meat on fire grill

    Cook meat

    Remove meat from fire grill

    Consume meat

    Variation: Substitute meat for other kinds of meat
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    i LOVE my GF grill!

    My first steak on it could be used as shoe leather, because I left it way too long. So that is my tip, remember it is cooking from both sides so things cook quickly!

    Perfect steak: Approx 1 inch thick

    - rub olive oil on steak (both sides)
    - hit with grill seasoning (both sides)
    - put on GF for 2 min

    - Viola! perfect med. steak!

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    Thanks for all the tips! I don't do any of the actual cooking - just sit back and boss around - so the more idiot-proof a recipe is, the better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rod the Quad View Post
    I use mine to make panenie sandwhiches
    What do you usually use for those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scaper1 View Post
    Thanks for all the tips! I don't do any of the actual cooking - just sit back and boss around - so the more idiot-proof a recipe is, the better.
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