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Thread: 15x16 85 Degree Quickie GTi

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    15x16 85 Degree Quickie GTi

    This is the chair that resulted from the trial I setup with a veteran and a manufacturer's demo 85 degree Quickie GTi a few months back....

    The specs...

    - 15"x16" Performance frame (1.5" shorter than Quickie's "Classic" frame)
    - 85 degree front frame angle with 2" of inset
    - 14" fixed height depth adjustable back (effective seat depth = 17")
    - 18" front STF/15.5" rear STF
    - 24" Spinergy Flexrims w/ Schwalbe Marathon Evolution Tires
    - 4x1.5" FrogLegs aluminum soft rolls with UniTine forks
    - JetStream Pro Low Back w/ fixed hardware
    - Invacare / Top End Fold In Side Guards

    You may recall in my earlier review that Quickie introduced a feature they call "Back Recline Correction" which makes it possible to select three back angles while sitting in the chair. In reality, only two will probably be usable...

    In the case of this veteran, we were trying to take advantage of this innovative backrest design by setting up one position which provided good postural support and efficient self-propulsion (b), and a second, slightly reclined, position which provided enough stability and comfort to eliminate the need to transfer into an office chair at his desk because of the limited amount of space in his work area (c). Now before anyone jumps to the conclusion that the combination of positions "a" and "b" would be better than the combination of positions "b" and "c", please finish reading this entire post.

    To enable him to change the back angle without having to reach awkwardly over the top of the JetStream to release the backrest, I attached an old camera strap to the backrest release lanyard and routed it under the chair to allow him to release the locking mechanism by leaning forward and reaching under the seat (it actually works more-reliably than it looks)...

    This is a picture of the veteran working at a desk with the backrest set at position "c"....

    It doesn't look so bad when more than just the chair is shown, now, does it?

    Many therapists who do not do a lot of seating think they must follow the "90/90/90 rule" (90 degrees of flexion at the hips, knees, and ankles). I rarely see anyone sit so "perfectly"--regardless of whether or not they have a disability. I call it the "myth of 90/90/90". This was validated for me a couple of years ago when I read an article in Rehab Management by Jean Minkel, PT.
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    Interesting stuff SCI_OTR and a very nice looking chair.

    I have been playing with my seat depth on my Quickie 2HP, due to an axle plate I had made that allows me to adjust up and down without going to different frame holes, with the drawback of not being able to adjust back angle and it chages the front frame angle a bit. My backrest currently measures at 80 degrees. Last week I had it adjusted more upright, I did not measure what it was but my lower back hurt really bad after a day or so, so I set it back; I also noticed how much I didn't like sitting that straight when typing, as a computer programmer.

    This setup you have for him looks like a very nice solution.

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    Looks similar to my set up...and as a programmer, I can tell you that sitting in front of a screen for 14 hours a day is no fun when you do not have that type of setup.
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    Very nice setup. Looks trim and light, too boot.

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    Interesting, I like the backrest angles deal a lot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brianm View Post
    My backrest currently measures at 80 degrees.
    I realized I said 80 degress, while this is what my guage reads, I should have stated 100 degrees, as that is what it really is, 10 degrees "back" from 90.

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