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Thread: Still struggling with the damn sore!

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    Exclamation Still struggling with the damn sore!

    Hi guys,

    It has healed properly and now closed. The color is different at the moment, SCINurse told me that it will stay like this for a while, I don't mind.

    The problem is, I tried sitting today, It has healed a month ago, I waited 2 weeks and tried sitting down, a little blood came out. So I waited another 2 weeks, Now I sat down, I admit I should sit 15 to 30 minutes, but I ended up sitting for an hour, I had my barber here so thats why.

    Some fluid came out, I scraped it a little bit just a tiny scrape, the fluid was yellowish and pinkish, really light, a couple of drops at most. I didn't sit again because I thought that was enough for the day.

    What do you guys think I should do now ? I was thinking try again tomorrow for 30 minutes.

    Is this going to continue to happen, I don't know what to do. I've been bed ridden for I don't know how long maybe some 3 months or more. I'm sick of this.

    I used Aquaphor on a daily basis by recommendation of the Nurse, after it was healed ofcourse.


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    I hope an SCI nurse will give you an opinion, but I have never had or seen a wound that was still draining fluid and completely healed.
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    I agree with 55. It's not so much the fact that there is fluid draining after you scraped it, my concerns are that the drainage is pinkish (tinged with blood) and yellowish (tinged with pus, indicating infection). This could mean that the sore didn't heal from the inside out, which could mean there is still a (possibly infected) pocket within the sore.

    Can you send a photo to the nurse or post it here? That would be very helpful.

    In the meantime, I would use an antibacterial ointment and keep it covered, and stay off of it again until whatever damage was d
    one today heals back up.
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    I really don't know and I'm stressing a lot about it.*

    It didn't drain anything for the past month atleast and now it's closed up. I will take a pic tomorrow since I'm already in bed and about to sleep.*

    Guys I'm really going insane here. I had no life for about 3 or more months and in bed all day. It was a big sore I admit, but we don't have specialists here and I don't know what to do.*

    I thought it closed because it healed from the inside out and now there's skin on it. It's pink in color and there's no hole like before. How can it heal and grow from the inside and still have an infection ? It didn't drain any puss either before, just a clear fluid.*

    I don't know what to do or to try I'm so helpless and desperate I will try anything.*


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    In the meantime, I would use an antibacterial ointment and keep it covered, and stay off of it again until whatever damage was done today heals back up.[/QUOTE]

    This is questionable. If it is an unhealed/undermined area, helping the top to close over again would not solve the problem. It really needs to be checked out by someone who is experienced with these wounds.
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    Don't panic. Have your doctor look at it. To rule out underlying issues he can order an x-Ray or scan.
    If it's warm to the touch compared to surrounding skin, could be infected which might prohibit solid healing. An antibiotic would be helpful in that case.
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    Please go to a wound care clinic. I've seen wounds get bigger overnight and it's better to be safe than sorry.

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    Back on bedrest. It was unfortunately not a good decision to sit up for 60 minutes (4X the amount you should have sat) the first time you got up. You may have done some serious damage. Stay down, get a wound care home care nurse to look at it. Once it is completely closed, and you wait another week, get up for ONLY 15 MINUTES, then go down again and inspect your skin. You cannot push the sitting program faster, no matter how long you have been done post flap.


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    you have done deep damage do not rush these things
    it did not heal overnight your skin will not toughen back up overnight
    take it easy do you have any polyurethane foam or something to pad it with when you get up?

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    You can't rush these things. It takes so little time to get a pressure sore and then, it takes "forever" (or at least that is how it seems) to get it healed. Staying off of the area as much as you can is important. And SLOWLY increasing your sitting is very important.

    We are very conservative where I work - but it seems to work. So this is the schedule that we use:

    Day 1: 15 minutes twice a day
    Day 2: 15 minutes four times a day
    Day 3: 30 minutes twice a day
    Day 4: 30 minutes four times a day
    Day 54: 45 minutes twice a day
    Day 6: 45 minutes four times a day
    Day 7: one hour twice a day
    Day 7: one hour four times a day

    I think that you get the picture from here. You also need to check your skin before and after sitting and make sure that the reddness goes away within 15-20 minutes. If you have any sign of a problem- reddness that doesn't go away or the skin beginning to open you need to back up the schedule appropriately. With the reddness, we go back one day and repeat it until we are sure that the reddness goes away within that timeframe. Any open areas and you would be off the sitting program until they heal.

    It is a pain to have to be this careful- but in the long run, it does seem to work.\\CKF

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