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Thread: well...looks like knee fracture again

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    same thing happened with me...but i was just opposite..i had femur fracture before and again one morning, i was getting down the bed to floor..i folded knee to get down and what i listen..Crack!! gosh!! i was soooo scared..i thought its again femur fracture!!!can a rod also can break due to stiffness?!! i had fever in cont mother,my caretaker,my sis,my frd was on toes that what could had happened..finally,in the evening,i got xray done..thank god to portable xrays sis went to doc to show xray..she is also doc and assured that it isnt fracture or crack...doc told the same thing........i wassss sooo relief..wont ever forget this day lifetime..bcos i hate hospital and that painful injections in hand nerves..

    So Cass, please take care of the transfers hv calcium med daily or milk and try to maintain loose legs as much as u can.this is what i learnt from the exp.

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    Hope it starts feeling better soon. I tore my acl, a couple of times actually. Originally from a fall, then another fall. The third time was when I was putting my leg up on the bed during a transfer.

    Swelling, spasms and increased back pain were the only signs.
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    My heart goes out to you, Cass -- it seems like it's not just raining or pouring in your world right now, it's a flat out hurricane. I really hope that whatever has gone wrong will heal just as quickly and complication free as your past knee fracture.

    Please take care of yourself at least as well as you do your kid -- and that means getting your butt to the doctor as soon as you suspect something's going on that shouldn't. Even though he may not realize it, your kid needs you to be in the best shape possible. We do too!
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    Fractured Femur

    My daughter (T6 - 3 years) fractured her right femur above the knee two weeks ago. The ortho doctor knew not to put a cast on it, but a velcro brace. A well respected professional sent us an article done by the VA & the University of Washington on how SCI patients should have their femur's heal at 90 degrees. We phoned the ortho and he prescribed an adjustable brace. She is working toward 90 degress and it at about 45. I am concerned about the backside of her knee puffing out a little due to swelling & if the brace angle will pull on her hip. The new brace prescibed is not exactly like the one in the article (solid piece). Right now she has both legs out in front of her (in a rented wheelchair with her ROHO).

    We have found it very difficult to get any consistent care/advice etc. from our local health care providers.

    Also, with the leg almost straight out, car tranfers are very difficult. Any suggestions or similar experiences on what works or does not work?

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    hi, i have had 3 (?) fractures in 23 yrs. they were minor and i used no casts or that velcro brace (was given it last time but too afraid of pressure sores).

    i just am careful of leg as it heals and have had no long term effects. x-rays have shown good healing.

    my doctors are all associated w/Evergreen MC in Kirkland. don't like UW. just a side note.

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