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Thread: well...looks like knee fracture again

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    well...looks like knee fracture again

    coupla wks ago while sitting up in bed, something happened. is a bit of a mystery. within hrs, swollen knee, blah blah. this happened last yr, ortho dr x-rayed, yeah a small fracture. 2 wks later it was healed. he actually said ppl w/sci heal faster.

    so i went to reg dr today as this time there's quite a bit of swelling and green bruises on shin below knee. so...back to dr. stickney (yep, real name, funny huh). he's the ortho dr.

    anybody have injuries to knee just doing regular transfers or am i just old and useless (lex, don't answer ). hadn't even gotten to transfer part, was sitting up in bed, pretty routine.

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    Unhappy Sorry

    I'm soooo sorry you're having so much trouble!!

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    Whoa! What does Dr. Stickney want to do w/ it? Any idea how to prevent it/ i'm wondering about your bed.

    lol i'm laying in mine, excuse typos. at least it doesn't break me, sheesh that's weird.

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    Wow, sure you didn't kick someone in your dreams? Sounds like it was painful, if'n we could feel ,huh? Get better take care of yourself, please.

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    Sorry you're breaking. I'm now 39yrs post and break femurs too often. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Once I just lifted my left leg to put it on the bed and broke it under an existing plate. Other times I do something stupid sure to break and I'm fine. The scariest was my last when i got a clot which turned into a pulminary embolism. I spent 8mos on a vent and a total of a year hospitalized.
    I've had to change my whole way of living. I have put armrests and anti-tip casters on my chair. I now need a PCA in the am and have quit working and been trying to live on SSDI. I now know how hard quads have it even though I've been one since 1970.
    Please be careful and be wary of damned blood clots. (I've been off the pill since my 1st break in 1999). dash

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    Cass, so sorry you are dealing with this. I fractured an ankle a couple of years ago. Still don't really know why it broke so easily, but I suspect the bones are thin from lack of weight bearing.

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    Is this your knee or actually the proximal (upper) tibia? The knee is difficult to fracture, but the proximal tibia is the 2nd most common LE fracture in those with SCI who have serious osteoporosis (after the distal or lower femur) and just a little more frequent than the neck of the femur.

    Sorry this has happened to you. Just keep in mind NO CASTS!


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    haven't got an xray yet, kld, but last time it was my knee. got xrays taken at ortho and they were on his computer when i got back in exam room. it just looked like a small piece of the knee bone was separated.

    he didn't feel any intervention was necessary and 2 wks later the xray showed it had basically gone a long ways toward healing. there was no space anymore and he pointed out the new bone material.

    the difference this time is the greenish bruising just below my knee (in front). my knee is also more swollen. mind you, i'm already 2 wks post (as i was a few months ago before i went in). i am not one to run to the lectures, please! i take my kid for the littlest things, but for me, i tend to stay away. not smart, i know.

    oh, btw, i have best friend! never have had a pressure sore and i don't even turn completely over much any more. not suggesting that ppl do that...but i know i'd never get away with it in regular bed. anyway, this was a freak thing. i just twisted it wrong somehow. i guess.
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    Good God cass.................hope it gets better. Do you remember dropping anything on your leg lately? Any random people throw something on your bed instead of handing it to you? Hope the puppy stays off it when she gets all playful I hate not knowing "how" I hurt myself but it also leaves room to make up good stories. Sooo.....fess up, how'd you do it?

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    Sorry Cass,always something.

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