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Thread: why can I only feel it when...

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    why can I only feel it when...

    How come I can't feel much of anything on my affected (CES) leg until it's infected? Was walking in flipflops (I know, bad idea, but it was over 100 degrees!) & ended up draging my foot - didn't realize it - as I was hobbling across the parking lot on my forearm crutches & into my PCP's office. The nurse cleaned the scrapes on my toes with alcholol & bandaids & I didn't feel that either (PS - I'm also type 2 diabetic & have a couple of bad disks) but now, almost 2 weeks later, one toes is painful to the touch (I suppose I should be happy about feeling anything again down there) & an angry red. I took the scab off & put neosporin (I love that stuff!) on it, but it's still looking & feeling pretty rough. So how come I can't feel anything until it gets 'bad'?
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    And how long is too long for treatment of CES & my mesed up disks? I feel like I'm standing on a landmine waiting for care. Thanks, Medicaid.

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    Never mind, I can't feel anything but pain in my left leg & my right leg is involved now too.
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